4 Way Remote Antenna Switch with WiFi

Remote Antenna Switch

2022 saw the return of the Dayton Hamvention and also celebrated the 70th anniversary of the world’s largest ham radio trade show. Ham Radio Outlet went to the show, of course and spoke to many of the vendors.

4 Way Remote Antenna Switch with WiFi CONTROL and POWER OVER COAX

Antenna selection is via a browser on your PC, tablet or phone. Both Access Point and LAN modes are supported. So it works the same from home as it would on Field Day. This innovative design results in:
NO EXTRA WIRES! No critters munching on the cable.
NO weathering the vinyl rotor control cable insulation into crumbs.

Power (+12VDC) is supplied up the main coax using a Bias-T in the shack. In the remote switch, a similar Bias-T removes the +12VDC from the RF path to power the CPU and relays. There is very low RF loss through the Bias-Ts. Learn more about Bias T here.

Relays are modern high quality units rated for 16A and have been specially selected to have extremely short internal paths. This minimizes impedance bumps and RF loss.

Introductory price $199* https://team-xcr.com/



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