Mini DIGITAL PWR / SWR meter review

This is the review of a Mini portable PWR and SWR meter with built-in battery and High SWR warning buzzer. There are also the Xiegu X6100’s output power measurements in the video. Another purpose of this review is to explain for beginners how to measure SWR on the antenna and ouput power from transceiver with this or any other similar device.

Frequency range: 1.8mhz-50mhz

Measurement range: 0.5w-120w (up to 210W, long-time FM, am, CW mode is recommended to be less than 120W, SSB mode is optional)

Measurement accuracy: <± 5%

Standing wave range: 1.0-99.99

Access interface: sl16 (block m)

Charging interface: type-C

Aluminum alloy shell size: 63mm * 88mm * 38mm (excluding protruding parts)

Battery capacity: 1000mah

Insertion loss: < 0.1dB

Charging shows red light, full green light and working yellow light

When the standing wave is greater than 2.5, the buzzer prompts intermittently

If the standing wave is greater than 3.0, the buzzer will prompt continuously

Battery undervoltage, buzzer continuous prompt


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