PrepComm MMX TearDown – Keyboard CW?

PrepComm MMX TearDown

The MMX Multi-band Morse Code Transceiver is the evolution of the DMX-40+ Morse Code Transceiver,and includes the keyboard!  It has the same industry-leading decoder, the same high sensitive SDR receiver, 10 frequency memories per band, RPL microprogramming for custom automation, and more.  However, what is added is a band board plug-in system that supports up to 3 bands.  Currently, the supported bands include 80, 40, and 20 meters.  You can purchase a single band MMX, and add other bands later, purchase a dual band MMX, and add the third band later, or even get all three bands on your initial order!

Specifications are similar to the DMX-40+, such as receiver sensitivity of -119 dBm.  Power output is highest on 40 meter, and slightly lower on 80 and 20 meter bands, as listed in the Specifications tab in the right column.



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