Operating Guides

Station and Operating Hints

Operating on satellites is relatively straightforward, but over the years many tips, tricks, and secrets have been discovered which make operating more efficient and pleasant.  Here we are collecting information of use to both the new and experienced operator.

Fox-1 Operating Guide, updated for 2018, includes pointers on getting started and provides a handy reference to the Fox-1 cubesat operating frequencies. This color PDF file is designed to print double-sided. Two different resolution versions are available:
Low resolution PDF suitable for on-screen display (~300KB size)
High resolution, press quality PDF for hard-copy printing  (~1.6 MB size)

Beta Version of AMSAT Hamfest Brochure – this file is designed to be printed as landscape, double-sided on 8.5 x 11 paper and folded into thirds to create a hamfest handout.

While operating FM satellites is relatively simple, please see this document for Best Practices for FM Satellite Operating

Many satellite operators use the ARRL’s Logbook of the World to confirm contacts and earn awards. To join them, follow the guide on How to log Satellite QSOs in Logbook of the World

May/June 2017 AMSAT Journal article Going Portable with the Amateur Radio Satellites (PDF ~350 KB) – How-to article on operating the current LEO sats with everything from basic portable equipment, all the way to rotors and yagi arrays. Geared towards portable ops, but good advice for home stations as well.

January/February 2017 AMSAT Journal article Get on the Air with ARISS Packet (PDF ~500 KB) – How to set up and use computer & soundcard to work the packet system aboard the ISS and other APRS-capable satellites.

January/February 2017 AMSAT Journal article Working Digipeaters with the Kenwood TH-D72A and TH-D74A (PDF ~300 KB) – How to use the packet/APRS capability of these radios to work the packet system aboard the ISS and other APRS-capable satellites.

Operating FM Satellites is the easiest way to get started. This guide introduces you to the basic equipment and techniques and has the information you need to get on SO-50. There is also a Spanish version.

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