1240-1300 MHz – ITU-R WP5A fails to achieve consensus

ITU LogoThe Chair of IARU Region 1 Spectrum and Regulatory Liaison Committee, Barry Lewis G4SJH, writes on the IARU-R1 site that ITU‑R WP5A meeting #30 could not achieve consensus on the measures needed to protect the RNSS in the amateur 23cm band (1240-1300 MHz), (Relating to WRC-23 AI 9.1b)

Working Party 5A meeting #30 met over the period 13th to 22nd September 2023 and despite extra meeting time allocated specifically to the development of the ITU‑R Recommendation M.[AS_GUIDANCE] the meeting did not reach a consensus on the technical and operational measures required to ensure the protection of the RNSS (radio navigation satellite service) in the amateur 23cm band. The measures aim to identify parts of the frequency band with associated amateur transmitter power limits that can help protect the RNSS operations. By the close of the meeting three alternative solutions remained unresolved in the draft document.

This outcome was reported to the WP5A plenary meeting and the subsequent parent Study Group 5 meeting but despite further efforts still no outcome could be achieved. Since the recommendation will be important for WRC-23 discussions it is expected that further efforts will continue to try to find a solution.

On a positive note the Draft New Report ITU‑R M. [AS_CHARACTERISTICS] was finalised by WP5A an approved in Study Group 5.

The IARU report from the WP5A meeting can be downloaded here

The ITU-R WP5A Meeting Report can be downloaded from
Word Doc https://www.itu.int/dms_pub/itu-r/md/19/wp5a/c/R19-WP5A-C-0837!!MSW-E.docx

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