My 5-band attic antenna for Ham Radio.

For radio amateurs living in deed-restricted housing or facing an extremely small backyard, building an attic HF antenna may allow radio operations without losing your interest in Amateur Radio.

In this video from Peter Waters (G3OJV), we see how a carefully designed and built attic antenna can get you on the air with up to 5 bands of Amateur Radio activity.

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Here are some comments from Peter's (G3OJV) video:

For those with smaller gardens, or indeed no gardens, the attic may be one of the best options as a site for an antenna. Whilst it is easy to install a VHF antenna in the attic, it can be even easier to install and HF antenna. Here, Peter G3OJV shows how it is very easy to install a multi-band HF antenna, even in quite a small loft or attic. Your Ham Radio Store



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