New Triband Antenna 30,40 AND 80M [ DIEX ]

DIEX Antenna

The D348 model also comes out in 10m and can come out in 6m if the K6 kit is added (optional) , so I would have 5 bands.


BAND30/40/80 m
WIDE BAND+100/70/30 KHZ (2:1)
LENGTH920 cm
TOUR460 cm
MAST1.¼” A 2”
DRAG0.25 m 2
WEIGHT4,780 Kg

                     MANUFACTURING TIME: 10 DAYS

PRICE USD- 218,00

About Diex Antennas:

DIEX antennas was founded by an amateur radio and started on the market in 2004, our objective was to serve amateurs radio who did not have the possibility to install large antennas as is usual in HF bands. Initially we’ve started manufacturing EH type antennas, an experimental product and without much more performance, even so the interest was great.

In 2006 was our first participation in fairs aimed at this sector, in that occasion, we introduced other types of antenna that we developed based on rigid dual band dipoles that had a much higher performance than previous models and  continued with the very reduced size, the DXA1040 model, for example, it attends 2 bands 10 and 40m and measures about 7.90 m (~26 feet) in total, other models of the same DXA family are also  shortened and immediately were very well accepted and became the sales leaders.

Currently there are more than 80 types and models of antennas including full-size, directional, log periodic etc. and we do not stop, we keep looking for news combinations of antennas to attend the needs of our customers.

Always count on DIEX.
Thank you for purchasing our products.

“DIEX Antennas, Made in Brazil to the world” 
Celso Melo PY2CM



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