The Best External Controllers for SmartSDR Windows and macOS

One of the great features of Flex Radios is their desktop control software SmartSDR. The software allows you to control most every aspect of the radio from your laptop, desktop pc, as well as iPhones and iPads. Chances are that even if you have a M model Flex radio that has knobs and buttons, you will probably wind up using the software a great deal for radio control and interfacing to 3rd party ham radio applications. When using the the SmartSDR you will spend some of your operational time using the keyboard and mouse changing settings, tuning the radio, and transmitting. Eventually you will develop a workflow that suits your style of operation. Adding an external controller to your setup can help improve or speed up your work flow. External controllers can give you access to dedicated buttons for radio control, VFO tuning knob, or macro sequences. Using external controllers are far more efficient than a keyboard and mouse interface. When using an external controller for awhile, you will develop muscle memory that will make your workflow far more efficient. This is why creators using computers for music production or video editors will gravitate to hardware controllers to help cutdown …

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