The best portable Ham Radio antenna there is.

 If you have some left over Ethernet cable, a fiberglass mast, and some feed line, you have the makings for several excellent portable HF antennas.

In this video, Simon (VA7BIX) shows us how to transform unwanted Ethernet cables into useful Ham Radio antennas.

All you need are a few basic tools and you're set for a new Ham Radio adventure.

Thanks for joining us today.

Aloha es 73 de Russ (KH6JRM).

Here are a few comments from Simon (VA7BIX):

Discover the best portable ham radio antenna ever, crafted using an ethernet cable! This innovative and easy-to-make mobile ham radio antenna will elevate your communication experience. Whether you’re on the move or setting up in a fixed location, this versatile mobile HF antenna is designed to deliver outstanding performance. Join us as we demonstrate how to build and use this unique portable ham radio antenna, perfect for both beginners and seasoned ham radio enthusiasts. Your ultimate in portability, whether it be SOTA, POTA, HF Portable - or any kind of portable activation, don't leave home without ethernet cable, wooohooo. If you wish to 'tip' the channel, here's the link: hamjazz Thanks for watching mates! 00:00 Introduction 00:38 Antenna Build Overview 02:36 Ethernet Cable Unshielding/Untangling Demonstration 03:24 "Let's Get on With the Build" 06:14 Connecting the Radiating Element 09:43 Antenna Up Close Overview 12:57 Pile Ups GALORE! Woohooo Thanks for Watching Mates MORE ANTENNA VIDEOS: Unlocking the Power of Fractal Antennas:    • Unlocking the Power of Fractal Antenn...   TarpTenna - Changing Portable Ham Radio:    • TarpTenna - Changing Portable Ham Rad...   How to Build and Rock the Magical Tape Measure:    • How to Build and Rock the Magical Tap...   Ethernet Cable $5 - 5 Bands Video:    • 5 Band Antenna for $5! DIY with an Et...   Jewelry Wire Easiest Antenna Video:    • Worlds EASIEST Multi Band Antenna (Ca...   SHOPPING LINKS: All Profits go to the Heart Foundation Ham Shack Canada: Https:// - Ask for Mike! *”Puppy” Tent Radio Shelter: *Terminal blocks: *Metal tape: *Green screen: *iPhone clamp: *Jewelry Wire Antenna: *Tent poles Antenna: *Clip on Ferrites: *Female / Male SMA to UHF Adapter: HUGE THANKS TO THE PATREON MEMBERS OF MY CHANNEL: Darrell Beard Lorene Hacker Bill Mitchell Rich Korona Mike Hausauer Stan Kuprianczyk Josh Averyt Maurice Austin Randy Tonne John Platt Randall Rash Roy Maynard Michael Arnold #hamradio #portableantenna #hamradioantenna #mobilehamradio #ethernetantenna #hamradiotutorial #diyhamradio #hfantenna


Antenna Build Overview

Ethernet Cable Unshielding/Untangling Demonstration

Let's Get on With the Build

Connecting the Radiating Element

Antenna Up Close Overview

Pile Ups GALORE! Woohooo Thanks for Watching Mates


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