Vertical Antennas 101: The importance of radials.

Thanks to Callum (M0MCX) for this excellent, easily understood discussion of vertical antennas and their radial systems.  A good ground radial or counterpoise system is necessary to realize the full potential of a vertical antenna.  Radial systems can be at ground level or even elevated to maximize the potential of  your vertical antenna.

Callum explores both the theoretical and practical implications of ground radial systems, and shows us how to make these vital antenna accessories.

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Here are some comments from Callum (M0MCX):

So many permutations BUT there IS science hidden behind the myths. Allow me to untangle this in just a few minutes. Here's the link I mentioned:    • 12 Volts, 6 Men a...   Here's the radial pins: More videos: ▶️    • Antenna Modelling   Antenna Modelling ▶️    • Tips and Tricks   Tips and Tricks ▶️    • Antennas   Antennas ▶️    • Live Streams   Live Streams ▶️    • Commander World   My Stuff ▶️    • Foundation Training   Ham Radio Training


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